You can access the robot lab to work on the practicals at any time, but there will be a weekly scheduled session (from weeks 1 to 8) which you are expected to attend.

Details of the tasks can be found on the IAR website, here.

Ongoing updates / information about the tasks will go up here - it may be worth checking back now and again!

An image of the arena used in the final task of the previous year (2015) is shown below:

2015-10-27 16.45.47.jpg

A few clarifications on the final task:

- You will start at a location marked 'home'. You may choose your own starting orientation.

- Food locations will be marked on the day with small spots on the floor. There will be somewhere around 8-10 of these around the arena. Your robot should not know where these are!

- When you drive over a food location (i.e. robot touching dot on floor) one of the demonstrators will enter a keystroke on your machine. As mentioned in the task description, the robot should signal recognition of food by stopping (for long enough to be unambiguous, a couple of seconds).

- You can pick up multiple food items from different sources before returning home, or just get one and go straight home.

- Drop off food by flashing your LEDs. Sources become available again after you drop off food. Only food dropped off when you are completely within the dashed home circle will score you points.

- If you signal 'dropping off' food by flashing your lights but are not at home, you will not get a point for the food but that food location will become available again.

- During the 5 minutes of the run you may choose to reset your robot and return it to the starting point at any time, at the expense of all your points so far. Your will have the remainder of the 5 minutes to continue.

- If you have some kind of hardware error you may either keep your points, reset the robot, and continue from the current time; or discard your points and start again with the full 5 minutes. (Note however you should really be dealing with common errors like missing sensor values by this point.)

- If you're finding you can't get a 5 minute run without connection errors (which can't be compensated for), let me know - we can try out a new cable or otherwise try to improve matters.